On the passing of Jim Barksdale’s mother

May 6, 2016:   U.S Senate democratic candidate Jim Barksdale reviews his notes before the taking part in the Atlanta Press Club Loudermilk Young Debate Series at the GPB studio in Atlanta May 6, 2016.  BRANT SANDERLIN/BSANDERLIN@AJC.COM

Jim Barksdale, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate. Brant Sanderlin, bsanderlin@ajc.com

If you haven’t heard too much lately from Jim Barksdale, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, there’s a reason. His campaign announced today that the candidate’s 94-year-old mother died 10 days ago. Do the math, and you’ll note that passing coincided with the Orlando massacre, which may have factored into the decision to remain silent. From the press release:

ATLANTA – Georgian investment manager Jim Barksdale, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, issued the following statement after the passing of his mother, Eugenia (Finney) Barksdale, 94. Mrs. Barksdale, who suffered from bronchitis for most of her life, passed away after battling complications with the illness for many months on June 12. A private funeral in the Baptist tradition took place earlier today.

My mother’s steel-willed determination to lead a responsible life shaped me and each of her four children. She always said “You don’t have to like everyone, but you must be nice to everyone.” In writings looking back on her life she wrote:

“Our children are the products of our home – my greatest achievement. Raising them was not done by clinging to the starlight trail of moonlight and roses but by facing life head on, the good times with the bad, “backing our ears” and meeting life’s situations. Each day must be lived to the best of your strength and ability — one day at the time without combining yesterday’s burden with tomorrow’s uncertainties as the road of life was never intended to be all straight and smooth. Through sustaining difficulties, we are refined and become the person we were destined to be.”

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