Vincent Fort on Atlanta mayor’s race: ‘City Hall has lost its way’

State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, Kristina Torres,

State Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, Kristina Torres,

At a charity event at the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot, apparently held over the weekend, state Sen. Vincent Fort edged ever closer to a 2017 run for mayor of Atlanta. A video posted by DryerBuzz via Instagram on Sunday began with the direct question posed to Fort – would he run for mayor?

Said Fort: “It is very likely that will happen.”

The senator was asked to repeat himself more fully. Which Fort did thusly:

“It’s very likely that I will run for mayor of the city of Atlanta. City Hall has lost its way. People in neighborhoods are coming in second to big shots and downtown. We need to change that.”

A veteran of the state Capitol, Fort won his Democratic party’s nomination for another two-year term last month. He has no Republican opposition.

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