Georgia GOP activist resigns from post, disavowing Donald Trump

Jason Pye.

Jason Pye. File.

Newton County Republican Jason Pye formally resigned from his county’s GOP committee, saying he could not support presumptive nominee Donald Trump because “his views on most issues contradict my personal views on the role of government and the free market.”

Pye is the spokesman for the tea party group FreedomWorks and an influential voice in the Georgia conservative movement.

Here’s a snippet of Pye’s resignation letter, which you can find here:

Simply put, I will not cast my ballot for him.

I believe Trump’s views on free trade are simply wrong,[1] and the protectionist proposals he has put forward would result in a trade war and hurt economic growth, if not contribute to a recession.[2] It’s clear he’s illiterate on trade and doesn’t understand that it’s mutually beneficial for exchanging economies,[3] unless, of course, it’s his own clothing line, which is made in China.[4]

His frequent public statements that entitlement reform, which is part of mandatory, or “baked in the cake,” spending, is off the table demonstrate a lack of seriousness about the real long-term fiscal issues facing our country. Mandatory spending – including debt service, Medicare, and Social Security – are the biggest drivers of budget deficits. Any candidate, regardless of the office for which they’re running, who is not offering specific ideas to address mandatory spending is not fit to serve.

Most Georgia Republicans have struck a hesitant truce over Trump, while some others are keeping their distance.

These mounting objections and defections are starting to take a toll on Trump’s campaign. Witness today’s news that controversial campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was given the boot

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