UPDATE: At least 3 arrests as protesters block Peachtree Street outside Trump’s rally in Atlanta

Trump protestors June rallyUPDATE: Atlanta Police have arrested at least three protesters outside Donald Trump’s rally Wednesday at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta, our AJC colleague Chris Bowling reports.

Bowling is working on getting names and charges, although he said one man who was arrested appeared to be organizing the protests and was being called “Sir Major.”


As Donald Trump took the stage Wednesday at the fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta, AJC intern Chris Bowling reports protesters have briefly shut down traffic on Peachtree Street outside the theater.

More than 100 people, a lot of them chanting “the people united will never be defeated” crowded the street, before walking up and down the street as Trump began his comments inside.

The protest came as Bowling said Georgia Democrats pulled no punches at a sidewalk press conference they held outside the event.

State party chairman Dubose Porter, state Sen. Nan Orrock, D-Atlanta, and state Rep. LaDawn Jones, D-Atlanta, all took turns taking their shots (not surprisingly, they might echo another candidate’s talking points, too).

Top quotes? Take your pick:

“Donald Trump is a clear and present danger to the nation’s security. He’s temperamentally unfit to serve as commander and chief.” ~ Porter

“His incoherent ideas, bizarre rants, personal guesses and outright lies would endanger Americans and imperil our children’s future.” ~ Porter

“We know Georgia knows better, we know Georgia Republicans know better, we know independents know better and we know for sure Georgia Democrats know better.” ~ Porter

“We wanted to come out here today to make it clear that there are more Georgians who stand for the right thing.” ~ Orrock

Polls in Georgia show a tight race between Trump and Hillary Clinton, though no Democrat has won the state since 1992.

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