Clinton Country: A closer look at the Democrat’s Georgia stronghold

Georgetown, Ga. — Most Republicans will tell you what inspires them the most about Donald Trump is the lack of political experience — and the fact that he’s not Hillary Clinton. The Democrats here in Quitman County say the exact opposite is driving their support of Clinton.

A historic sign stands in front of Quitman County's one-story courthouse. The state GOP is trying to rebuild its long dormant foundation in Quitman and other nearby Democratic enclaves. Greg Bluestein/

A historic sign stands in front of Quitman County’s one-story courthouse. Greg Bluestein/

More than 90 percent of Democratic voters in this isolated county 50 hilly miles south of Columbus picked Clinton over Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, and it took only one or two questions for many of them to summon their enthusiasm for Clinton — and disdain for Trump.

“All he has is a business background. He doesn’t know anything about foreign policy,” said Bob McDonald, who counts himself among Quitman’s most fervent Democrats. “The main thing I want is someone who knows what they’re doing in politics. A business background is just not good enough.”

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