Ralph Reed’s Faith and Freedom Coalition jumps into N.C. bathroom debate



Ralph Reed’s Georgia-based Faith and Freedom Coalition has decided that it wants a slice of the debate over gender and bathrooms in North Carolina.

The group has launched a cable TV ad criticizing Attorney General Roy Cooper for his decision against defending HB 2, the North Carolina measure restricting LGBT protections. Cooper, by the way, is a Democrat running against Republican incumbent Gov. Pat McCrory.  Watch the ad here:

From the Raleigh, N.C., News & Observer:

The ad features animated male and female bathroom door stick figures and a girl narrator recounting the controversy that led up to Gov. Pat McCrory signing the bill into law this year. It concludes with the narrator saying, “Attorney General Roy Cooper should do his one job: defend North Carolina.”

Faith and Freedom Coalition says the ad will run in Raleigh and Charlotte markets over the weekend beginning Friday. The campaign could be extended, a spokesman said.

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