Bernie Marcus joins Georgia GOP rush to back Donald Trump

Bernie Marcus (AJC file)

Bernie Marcus (AJC file)

In yet another sign that Georgia’s ranking Republican elite are rallying around Donald Trump, Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus warns that the “fate of the nation” hangs in the balance if Democrat Hillary Clinton wins the November election.

Writing in Real Clear Politics, the millionaire Georgia philanthropist – and big-time GOP donor – argued that Trump is the only candidate who can rid the U.S. of “over-regulation, over-taxation, over-litigation, and over-spending.” Here’s more:

“As Americans, the choice is abundantly clear: If you want four more years of President Obama, vote for Hillary Clinton; if you want to take the country in a new direction, vote for Donald Trump.” …

“Make no mistake, Republicans who refuse to stand behind their party’s nominee are electing Clinton, whether they cast their ballots for her or not. I have a message for the #NeverTrump crowd: Enough already. Donald Trump is our presumptive nominee and it is time to get over wishing it were not so. If you don’t, change your social media hashtag to #HillaryGOP.

“As a GOP donor who stood steadfastly behind Jeb Bush – and who has contributed to candidates for a generation – I urge all Republicans to stand up and be counted in support for Donald Trump.”

He’s the latest Georgia macher to rally behind the party’s presumptive nominee. Sen. David Perdue gave Trump his most enthusiastic endorsement yet in a Washington Post column earlier this week. And other Republican leaders are expected to circle the wagons at this weekend’s Georgia GOP convention in Augusta.


The man at the heart of Donald Trump’s delegate wrangling efforts is a Georgia-born political operative on the rise.

Brian Jack led the effort to lock down the 1,237 delegates Trump needed to secure the GOP nomination, setting a goal to reach the mark before Memorial Day. And he did so last week with support from a gaggle of North Dakota partisans.

Here’s a closer look from The Guardian on his painstaking work:

North Dakota’s April state convention was widely considered a disappointment for Trump. Unusually, the state holds a convention where delegates are elected without pledging themselves to a candidate. However, enough had committed to Cruz to mark a major reverse for Trump. A triumphant announcement back in North Dakota would serve as a rebuttal to those who criticized the real estate mogul’s campaign at the time.

The campaign divvied up the remaining unbound delegates – those who had been elected to represent their states in Cleveland in July without committing to any candidate – and started hitting the phones. Jack took the lead in North Dakota and Louisiana; Alan Cobb, a longtime Trump operative, reached out to unbound delegates in Colorado.

We hear Jack will be in Augusta this weekend in a homecoming of sorts.

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