The warning that Capitol police posted on a Dunwoody state House candidate


This morning, we told you about the Republican primary for House District 79, a GOP seat, that pitted incumbent Tom Taylor of Dunwoody against Tom Owens of Doraville.

Taylor, of course, was arrested last month on DUI charges that would be hard to exaggerate. He’s also chairman of the Legislature’s MARTA oversight committee. But Owens has his own problems. He’s a volatile character with a number of restraining orders lodged against him and one nolo contendre plea on stalking charges.

In his Dunwoody Crier newspaper, publisher Dick Williams first reported that state Capitol police have posted a notice advising officers that Owens is not to be allowed in Capitol buildings without an escort. On our own, we’ve come up with that particular order. That’s it at the top.

Owens did not immediately comment. Do note that the April 22 date is well after Taylor’s arrest and his decision to stay in the contest.

Update: Owens apparently wasn’t always persona non grata at the statehouse. He sent over this video that shows him shaking hands with Gov. Nathan Deal in his ceremonial office on the second-floor of the Capitol. The video, dated Sept. 25, 2014, shows Deal praising Owens for his “diligence and persistence as a citizen to make sure everyone’s held accountable.”

See for yourself:

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