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Tamar Hallerman

Rand Paul backs Paul Broun’s primary challenge

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Paul Broun in his office during his Washington days. AJC file

Paul Broun in his office during his Washington days. AJC file

Former U.S. Rep. Paul Broun scored a big endorsement from libertarian hero Rand Paul Thursday, giving his campaign a welcome boost after it posted relatively anemic fundraising numbers earlier this month.

This is not the first time Paul, R-Ky., has lent his support to Broun, who is currently challenging incumbent Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, in the deeply conservative Ninth Congressional District. The former Republican presidential candidate also backed Broun in 2013 during the crowded Senate primary to succeed Saxby Chambliss.

Here’s some of what Paul had to say about Broun in his endorsement:

“Paul Broun is a steadfast fighter for liberty who has never caved to establishment pressures. Time after time on issue after issue Broun has stood with me to advance liberty.”

“Broun stood with me to end NSA spying on innocent Americans, to repeal the indefinite detention provisions in the (National Defense Authorization Act), and to prevent drones from being used against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil. He introduced Audit the FED in the House and fought to get it passed. Broun even introduced legislation to end the FED all together so we can move back to sound money and a gold standard.”

Broun is one of four Republicans challenging Collins in next month’s primary, a race that’s become increasingly fiery in recent weeks. He’s already at a deep financial disadvantage compared to the incumbent – his campaign closed March with a little more than $43,000 in the bank, about one-tenth of the amount Collins reported.