Georgia Republican faces threats after flag flap with Donald Trump allies


A Donald Trump supporter marches out of a Georgia district convention in Gwinnett County.

The Republican chair of the suburban Atlanta district where spurned Donald Trump supporters stormed out with Old Glory in tow said he and his family have been targeted by threats from the billionaire’s supporters.

Jason Thompson, who chairs the 7th GOP District, said he’s been called “inexcusable names” and been accused of disenfranchising voters after Ted Cruz allies blocked Debbie Dooley from becoming a delegate for Trump. That gathering was one of 14 around the state where Trump forces struggled, but it was the only where outraged Trump supporters marched out of the room with an American flag.

Jason Thompson’s wife, longtime GOP activist Julianne Thompson, is the national co-chair of the group Women for Cruz. That explains why Thompson didn’t chair the actual meeting – B.J. Van Gundy did, and he oversaw the voting when the brouhaha unfolded.

Jason Thompson said in a Facebook post that all took “fairness and the rules into account, so much so that as to avoid anything that could be construed as unfair to any campaign I even withdrew my name for consideration” as a delegate.

He continued:

Yet, in the past 48 hours I have been bombarded with calls and emails calling me inexcusable names and have been accused of disenfranchising voters. The opposite is true. This is politics and I understand it can be a very filthy business. I get that and am able to deal with what goes on in the arena. However, when you threaten me personally, and even worse, when you threaten my family, you have taken it to another level with me.

Let me also say that I have been involved in the Republican Party since college. My children have grown-up in the 7th District, and the members of our District I consider to be extended members of my family. And members of my District have also been personally threatened. There is no excuse for this and it will not be tolerated.

I will conclude by saying that we have an election that is ongoing and our ultimate goal should be to defeat the left in November. We cannot do that divided.

If you want to be part of the problem let me be very clear – threats, intimidation, and Saul Alinksy-style thuggery will not be met with understanding. If you want to be part of the solution, then we must find a way to work together, and I will do everything I can to facilitate such.”

Insider’s note: A version of this post ran in the Morning Jolt.

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