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Greg Bluestein

Actor Tituss Burgess urges UGA grads to ‘get these terrorists out of office.’

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It’s not often that an actor uses the spotlight of a late-night comedy show to deliver an impromptu commencement speech for University of Georgia students. But that’s exactly what Tituss Burgess, an Athens native and UGA graduate, did over the weekend.

Burgess, who was on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote the latest season of his Netflix comedy, was asked about his appeal to be the school’s graduation speaker to slam Georgia’s “religious liberty” legislation. Burgess then offered a taste of what his graduation address would look like:

“Dear graduates of 20-whatever year it is when I come down there. You just graduated from a shady school that has the name of a shady state that tried to pass a shady law. I think you need to come out of the bars and go and vote in these primaries and these elections and get these terrorists out of office …”

Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed the legislation two weeks ago, though advocates vow to bring back a different version next year. Don’t expect Burgess to address UGA graduates any time soon. The Red & Black, UGA’s independent student newspaper, reports that Ryan Seacrest will headline the spring celebration.

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