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Before he’s a candidate, a Paul Broun ally swipes at Doug Collins

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Paul Broun announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate in February 2013. (AJC/Hyosub Shin)

Paul Broun announces his candidacy for U.S. Senate in February 2013. (AJC/Hyosub Shin)

The Ninth District congressional race is about to get very nasty, very fast.

So we’ve told you that former congressman Paul Broun is stalking U.S. Rep. Doug Collins, R-Gainesville, a two-term favorite of both House Speaker David Ralston and Gov. Nathan Deal.

Earlier today, Tamara Hallerman, your Washington-based Insider, reported that Collins has turned his attention to the fact that Broun doesn’t reside in the district. Broun had this to say in reply:

“I’ve traveled all over and have for almost all my life, since I was a teenager, to go to the mountains and go trout fishing. So the whole of the ninth congressional district is extremely familiar to me,” he said. “That’s my backyard.”

While still not confirming his run for the ninth district seat, Broun criticized Collins for alluding to his residency.

“It’s unfortunate. I would expect more of a Baptist pastor than the kind of dirty campaign that they’ve already begun,” said Broun, adding that he would not “get down in the mud with anybody.”

About that “down in the mud” bit. Four months ago, Broun was lending his name for fundraising purposes to an outfit called National Council for Security and Enterprise, a 501(c)4 non-profit that specializes in rhetoric.

Broun’s name was on the letter on Muslims and immigration that began thusly: “It’s like handing your enemy a loaded shotgun – and then wrapping your mouth around the barrel.” Read the entire thing here:

We tell you this because a flyer produced by the same National Council for Security and Enterprise just hit the Ninth District. Here’s the front:

PB Front

Getting down in the mud, indeed.