AJC poll: Ticked off Republicans, optimistic Democrats and a wide-open presidential race

Presidential candidates gather in Milwaukee

Presidential candidates gather in Milwaukee

An Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll offers a glimpse of the frustrated mood of Republican voters, and the more optimistic outlook of Democrats, less than two months before Georgia holds its presidential primary on March 1.

A clean majority of Republican voters want the next president to be someone outside the existing establishment, according to the poll, and a staggering portion of GOP voters — more than 90 percent — feel the nation is on the wrong track.

Democrats have an almost polar-opposite view. Eighty-three percent of them want someone with political experience and two-thirds are confident in the country’s direction.

And it shows independents — that influential voting bloc that in Georgia typically leans toward the GOP — harbor deep misgivings about the nation’s future and the front-runners in both parties.

The poll, conducted by ABT SRBI, also indicated that many Georgia Republicans are open to several of the top contenders in the packed field.

Find out much more about the survey’s findings by clicking here.

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