New Jack Kingston ad ties David Perdue to Obama

Jack Kingston’s first television ad salvo of the runoff features a Barack Obama impersonator singing David Perdue’s praises as “my kind of guy.”

The spot is a throwback to one Kingston made in the primary in which Obama tells Kingston’s voicemail that the Savannah Congressman needs to “back off Obamacare.”

In the new spot — a hat tip goes to Georgia Pundit’s Todd Rehm for the link — “Obama” brings up that Perdue served on the board of a company that got money from the stimulus, served on the board of the National Retail Federation when it endorsed an immigration reform bill and “said he’d raise taxes.” ( debunks the last charge here.)

The script:

[Kingston voicemail] “This is Jack Kingston, please leave a message.”

[“Obama”] “Kingston, this is the president. Ease up on David Perdue. He’s my kind of guy. He said he’d raise taxes. You never even voted for a tax increase. Perdue’s company took $3 million of my stimulus money. You voted against it. His group lobbied for the amnesty. You killed it.

“Let me be clear: Perdue’s my man. An outsider, like me.”

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