Posted: 1:50 pm Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

Robb Pitts wants results of Fulton County chairmanship contest dumped 

By Jim Galloway

Robb Pitts, who missed toppling Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves by only 303 votes in a Democratic primary contest that churned out 45,000 ballots, has filed a lawsuit challenging his loss.

Pitts alleges that a “bad” ballot description of the race as “Fulton County Commissioner From District No. 7 At Large” – with no mention that the seat is for commission chairman – sowed enough confusion among voters to skew the election.

Read the lawsuit here:

Pitts is asking a Fulton County Superior Court judge to declare the election invalid, and that a second election be held concurrent with July 22 runoff elections – or at a later date.


Oopsie...must have been those Fulton County election officials selected on merit.  They did it.

Or maybe Melowese Richardson is working in Fulton County now.


Pitts ought to look for all the votes Eaves got from Oakland Cemetery.