Posted: 12:49 pm Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Another upbeat ad from Deal – but this time no mention of magazine’s ranking 

By Greg Bluestein

The above ad was just released by Gov. Nathan Deal’s campaign in the final days before next week’s primary. Like his other ads, it strikes a positive message that makes no mention of his opponents or his political affiliation.

Unlike the other ads, though, it makes no mention of a niche business magazine’s lofty ranking of Georgia’s business climate.

His first and second ads both proclaim Site Selection’s pick of Georgia as the No. 1 state in the nation to do business.

But Deal’s camp has recently taken heat for putting the magazine’s rankings at the center of his campaign messaging, and some opponents question the state’s business ties with the publication.

We’re told this ad is just the beginning of a broader advertising onslaught emphasizing the “on the move” message. And it’s worth mentioning that he hasn’t abandoned the magazine ranking altogether. From his campaign’s Facebook post:



It's not just the insider dealing of a third-rate publication, that rates Georgia at the top of the states willing to gives corporate taxes away and that when combined with the fact that under Republican leadership Georgia's property values have failed to rebound to any, truly, significant, it's not just those things, it's the knowledge that this cretin, Nathan Deal, would base his entire campaign on what's, fundamentally, a lie, and is at best a manipulated story that they can sell to an uninformed electorate to give us yet another four rears of embarrassing, and sling, existence.