Posted: 8:06 am Monday, March 10th, 2014

Legislative tip sheet: House picks up St. Paddy’s Day bar bill 

By Jim Galloway

With five legislative days to go, the House and Senate gavel in at 10 a.m. today.

The House will vote on the Senate version of the St. Patrick’s Day measure to allow Savannah bars to open on Sundays. The Senate will vote on bills addressing the crimes of strangulation and home invasion. The Senate will also unveil a memorial portrait of the late journalist Dick Pettys, which will hang in the Capitol press corps hallway.

The most interesting work will come in committees. The House Insurance Committee will take up the SB 98, which would ban insurance coverage in Georgia for state employees and those who get policies via federal health care exchanges.

Another House committee will take up the SB 383, which clarifies that coroners shouldn’t take the belongings of the deceased.

On the Senate side, Senate Judiciary Non Civil will take up HB 837, the private probation bill. State/Local Governmental Operations Committee will take up HB 704, the South Fulton cityhood bill.


The government has no business telling bars they can't be open on Sundays.  How ironic is it that the folks screaming the loudest against big government and calling Obama a dictator are the ones who want to dictate what days the public can go to a bar.  I imagine if this does pass, Christians will claim they are being discriminated against when in reality they are just being prevented from forcing their religious beliefs on everyone.