Posted: 11:12 am Friday, January 31st, 2014

Fourth quarter fundraising roundup 

By Jim Galloway, Greg Bluestein and Daniel Malloy

Friday is the deadline for federal candidates to file year-end fundraising reports, and we’ll compile numbers for all of the big races here.


Republican businessman David Perdue continued to pump money into his candidacy, but his support from others faded considerably in the fourth quarter: Perdue reported $243,000 in donations — plus a $500,000 self-loan. In the past he’s handed out well more in in-kind donations, and we’re not sure at this point how much of the $243,000 came from his own pocket, as his campaign passed along only the topline numbers. Perdue spent $335,000 and finished the year with $1.76 million in the bank.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Athens, stepped up his spending but not his fundraising in the fourth quarter: He raised $241,000 and spent more than $505,000, leaving him with $187,000 in the bank at year’s end.

Former secretary of state Karen Handel added another $168,000 to her tally, but spent almost that month in the fourth quarter. She’s left with about $328,000 in her campaign coffers.

Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Marietta, brings up the rear in the top tier in the fourth quarter with $137,000 raised, $364,000 spent, but a still robust $2.3 million in the bank.

We already told you about Savannah GOP Rep. Jack Kingston’s figures — he touted them early this month — but they bear repeating: $880,000 raised, $3.4 million on hand.

Democrat Michelle Nunn already announced a $1.6 million haul.

The Democratic Party of Georgia

State Democrats, whose bank account once hovered around $15,000, reported raising more than $181,000 during the month of December. They ended the year with more than $216,000 in cash on hand in federal accounts. In all, the party said it has more than $404,000 cash on hand.

1st Congressional District, Republicans:

John McCallum — $263,000 raised, $100,000 self-loan, $59,000 spent, $304,562 on hand.

Buddy Carter — $118,000 raised, $50,000 self-loan, $63,000 spent, $416,684 on hand.

Bob Johnson — $72,000 raised, $44,000 spent, $211,151 on hand.

Jeff Chapman – $16,000 raised, $33,000 spent, $71,383 on hand.

Darwin Carter — $500 raised, $9,900 spent, $88,502 on hand.

4th Congressional District, Democrats:

U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson raised $70,000 and spent $38,159 on his reelection campaign during the last three months of 2013, according to his year-end financial disclosure.

The 4th District congressman has $85,296 on hand and faces a stiff challenge in the Democratic primary from DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown.

Brown’s year-end campaign finance report was not immediately available Friday afternoon. But his campaign disclosed this month that the sheriff had raised $130,000 for his campaign and entered the new year with $100,000 in the bank.

10th Congressional District, Republicans:

Donna Sheldon — $91,000 raised, $77,000 spent, $143,000 cash on hand.

Jody Hice — $81,000 raised, $90,000 spent, $82,374 cash on hand.

Mike Collins — $53,000 raised, $100,000 self-loan, $35,000 spent, $232,793 on hand

Gary Gerrard – $19,000 raised, $27,000 spent, $38,824 cash on hand.

Stephen Simpson — $24,000 raised, $41,000 spent, $87,949 cash on hand.

11th Congressional District, Republicans:

Bob Barr — $121,000 raised, $132,000 spent, $93,865 cash on hand.

Barry Loudermilk — $68,000 raised, $77,000 spent, $54,800 cash on hand.

Tricia Pridemore — $72,000 raised, $84,000 spent, $176,237 cash on hand.

Ed Lindsey — $84,000 raised, $25,000 self-loan, $84,000 spent, $186,214 cash on hand.

12th Congressional District

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Augusta — $301,000 raised, $96,000 spent, $1.23 million on hand.

Republican businessman Rick Allen — $78,000 raised, $30,000 self-loan, $99,000 spent, $100,927 on hand.

Republican former congressional staffer John Stone — $66,000 raised, $65,000 spent, $43,365 cash on hand.


Hmm, Broun is broke. Looks like he's going to have to keep up the crazy talk for the free publicity.


Sounds likes some republican tea party members are having troubles raising money! other than high interest loans from them self.

I think we would all love to see an article about these 18-24% loans to themselves. they can keep their campaign committees open until they are paid off. Gingrich and Cain still have theirs open.


It is really difficult to believe that anyone would give that lunatic Broun a nod in passing, much less a quarter of a million dollars.  Maybe Santa exists after all.


Michelle Nunn is, and will remain, a long shot. Her popularity among AJC staffers is as irrelevant as it is predictable. 


How come no libtards stats there Galloway? Oh I forgot you work for the liberal press. Not to worry, this old fish wrapper will be history soon, along with its slanted news.


Doesn't spending more than you bring in invalidate your conservative credentials?


Hmmm.  She raises twice as much as the only marginally sane Repug, but it's all from AJC staffers?

(Oh and what a surprise that the dishonest 'centrist' 'likes' the libtard comment....)